Despre berea belgiana - materiale video

Belgia - paradisul berii: un documentar produs de Michael Fagan

UNESCO a inclus traditia si cultura berii din Belgia pe lista patrimonului universal. Mai jos se gaseste un material facut de UNESCO in anul 2016:

UNESCO: Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity - 2016

Description: Making and appreciating beer is part of the living heritage of a range of communities throughout Belgium. It plays a role in daily life, as well as festive occasions. Almost 1,500 types of beer are produced in the country including by some Trappist communities. Craft beer has become particularly popular. Beer is also used by communities for cooking, producing products like beer-washed cheese, and paired with food. Transmission occurs in the home, social circles, breweries, universities and public training centers.

Istoric bere trapista CHIMAY:

Cum se produce berea DUVEL: